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We are change management specialists enabling organizations to manage change successfully

ImPAct Consultants is a change management company dedicated to working with managers, change leaders and change teams to help them to move through the process of defining and managing change programs for their organizations. We are committed to working with you to make a profound impact on your team and organization.

We can help if you are contemplating a change program, or are in the middle of implementing a change program. We are specialists in : organizational redesigns, merger integrations, large and small system implementations, eg, ERP implementations, strategy changes and process improvements. Our Buckle Up! services are designed specifically to help you take control of high-speed and radical organizational change. Our Let’s Get Cooking! experience is designed as hands-on, management skill building for an intact team through the shared enjoyable experience of selecting, preparing and eating a gourmet dinner together.

Leading and managing organizational change is never easy and is most often difficult and challenging. We cannot make the change easy, but we can help you move through it as quickly and painlessly as possible with the fewest distractions, to achieve a successful change implementation and realize the benefits sooner.

ImPAct Consultants is led by our founder Peter Lawton. Peter is passionate about helping people to be the architects of change, rather than its victims. He has built his career over many years of extensive, executive and senior management level consulting experience with large consulting companies in Europe and North America.

We are based in Ontario, Canada. Our services include coaching, consulting services, workshops and presentations.

Our Name

The name of our company is our commitment to work with you to make a profound impact on your team and organization. It is also an amalgamation of the first letters of the three qualities that change leaders need in order to be effective – imagination, passion and action.

Change leadership is not the same as change management. Change management is about helping people to adapt to change and to get settled in new roles and behaviours. Change leadership on the other hand is about pioneering, in unknown, usually hostile territory, where there are no maps, only high stakes and uncertainties. As difficult as change management is, change leadership is a lot tougher