Explaining Trump: or “Stop The World – I Want To Get off”

November 24, 2016

A good argument can be made for explaining Donald Trump’s shocking success in the US presidential race as a case of badly managed change. Bad change management is also an explanation for the surprising success of Brexit. In order to explain Trump’s success we have to go way back to our first principles of change management - Compliance vs. commitment. Compliance is a response to...

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Blood, Guts and Galleons: The Peculiar Organizational Structure of Pirate Ships

January 17, 2015

Introduction The way we lead and manage our organizations is changing rapidly.  We are moving quickly from rigid position hierarchies to more fluid role-based structures, from rule compliance to more say by employees in what happens to them, from power-wielding 'bosses' to team-based leadership practices, from time-based wages to pay-for-performance - all new and more enlightened ways of managing things. We might call this 'new' management, but...

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