Buckle Up!

Organizations today are faced with the need for radical and high-speed change. It’s a bumpy ride. Buckle Up! is our response to help organizational leaders to manage these changes effectively. We have developed tools especially designed for the challenges that these changes bring while meeting the need for speed. In rapid fundamental change environments, in-depth research leading to carefully crafted and well-paced change programs is not the order of the day. Leaders must respond quickly and decisively, acting on judgement and rapid feedback, and bringing the rest of the organization along with them! We know that markets change faster than organizations, and organizations change faster than people. Buckle Up!, to take control and drive the change.

A few quick assessment tools are provided in the ‘Change Management Tools You Can Use’ page in this website.

Our Buckle Up! services are designed for the following:

    • Rapid Process Improvement – Business process re-engineering’ or BPR can be a long, time-consuming process by a separate team; the research can take up to two years. With change as a constant, organizations today do not have two years. This program is designed to bring together the key people who work with the process every day, simulate the process in real time and make changes quickly. These changes are then prototyped, tested and run again with the same key players for acceptance and organizational sign-off. This can be done in a few weeks, resulting in a greater understanding and stronger buy-in from those involved.


    • Fast Future – Organizational Transformation – Organizations are interconnected systems, Changing the structure, culture, strategy etc., ripples through the organization, throwing other important variables out of alignment. Keeping the organizational components in alignment is a major challenge in an era of constant change. Our organizational transformation takes a holistic approach to bringing the key important variables in line to respond to the market needs, for faster benefits realization and change that sticks.


    • Accelerated Merger Integration – Mergers, takeovers, acquisitions, all require a degree of assimilation of the people on both organizations. This can be a gut-wrenching experience, challenging basic values, loyalties and beliefs. The merger syndrome and culture clashes are destructive of hoped-for synergies. Badly managed integration programs result is many merger failures. Organizations have a twelve-month window to make the merger work. This program is designed to get the people involved less stressed, productive and ‘back to work’ as quickly as possible.


    • Company-wide System Upgrade – System upgrades such as SAP, PeopleSoft or similar major system upgrades bring major changes that are very disruptive for the organization and its people. These are not just ‘screen changes’ with ‘built in’ process changes. They are not ‘plug and play installations’. The change management component of these interventions can make or break the success of the project. We coach your change management team and bring tools that will enable them to manage the people and organization aspects of the implementation.


    • Fast Track Corporate Culture Alignment – It is becoming increasingly clear that understanding and gaining control of the corporate culture is a basic requirement in successfully managing change and in achieving strategic goals. As the pace of change quickens and competitiveness becomes more compelling, it’s important to recognize that organizational culture is an important strategic weapon that is either an ally working for you, or a liability working against you. We assess the culture and design a top-down and bottom-up program to quickly refocus the culture, or the change program, where necessary.


  • Quickstart – Getting The New Executive Up To Speed – Quickstart is a practical, action oriented method of quickly identifying the critical issues that need to be addressed by the new executive. It also includes a structured approach to resolving those critical issues. The process is a participative one that produces broad agreement on the best solutions by getting the whole management team engaged in executive input. The method has been developed over many years of experience and research insights into leadership, group dynamics and strategic change management.