Let’s Get Cooking!

Let’s Get Cooking! is all about building management skills in an intact team through the shared enjoyable experience of selecting, preparing and eating a gourmet dinner together.

We have developed this program from a collaboration between ourselves, another management consulting organization, and cooking specialists to deliver a unique experience like no other. We bring together the strengths of two successful management consulting organizations working with a state-of-the-art kitchen. The result is an action-learning experience that is fun, adventurous and educational. It fits in well with our approach to helping people and organizations learn how to lead and manage change.

This is not a workshop, lecture or team meeting – It’s an experience. The individual and group based program is designed to harness the collective wisdom, shared experience and expertise of the group. It is conducted in a safe and confidential learning experience away from the worksite so that people can stretch outside their comfort zone. In short, the participants take ownership – it’s their immediate experience that they can learn from and relate to their workplace, with guidance from the specialists.

Organizational topics such as, strategy, process improvement, project management, change management and leadership are often explored. More team based topics frequently arise such as conflict resolution, decision making, learning and team culture. Through the process, the cooking and management specialists use a blend of coaching, facilitation and teaching as appropriate to ensure that the team’s objectives are met.

Check out our website: www.letsgetcooking.ca