Our Coaching And Consulting Services

Change Management

Our consulting assignments help organizations get their change management teams and programs/projects organized and managed effectively. We also help the end-users or employees to prepare for the impacts of the change. Our change management coaching and consulting areas include the following:

  • Change readiness assessment
  • Change program development
  • Change Management Team coaching
  • Change management program/project review
  • Change management program/project leader coaching
  • Change program/project communications
  • End-user or employee change management support
  • Culture assessment surveys
  • Culture management program development
  • Culture change program management
  • Merger integration program development
  • Process improvement program development

Change Leadership

Every successful change team needs a passionate change leader. Change leadership is not the same as change management. Change management is about helping people adapt to change and get settled. Change leadership is about pioneering in unknown, usually hostile territory, where there are no maps, only high risks and uncertainties. As difficult as change management is, change leadership is a lot tougher. Successful change leaders need special skills, encouragement and support to help them deal with the stresses that this brings. This is the purpose of our leadership coaching for individuals and senior organization teams.