Quick Change Risk Assessment

We have found that the following change risk factors are critical for successful organizational change. They are also frequently cited in the change management literature. The absence of any of these can be fatal to a change initiative or significantly slow it down and send it over budget. This tool is a useful checklist before the change is rolled out.

Change Risk Factors

  • The development of a clear change vision of what the change is to accomplish.
  • The establishment of an executive sponsor to provide direction and leadership to the change program.
  • Acceptance and commitment by the people who will need to make the change happen and stick
  • Organizational alignment and supports in place e.g., performance management program, to ensure that the change program is reinforced by the organizational structure.
  • The development of a clear change program roll-out configuration into the organization that lays out the expected location and pace of the change.
  • Change program management in place e.g., a change management team, to roll-out the plan, track the progress and make adjustments during the change roll-out.

What’s your change risk?