Quick Communication Program Checklist

The communication program is an important component of a change management plan. The change management program and communication programs are different but complementary and well coordinated.

Some key principles that guide the communication program are as follows:

  • Use the communication program to manage the expectations
  • Level with people – be open, honest and credible
  • Expect people to scrutinize every communication for hidden meaning
  • Integrate internal and external messages
  • Feed information through the line managers
  • Look for opportunities to involve employees

Keep in mind what people are looking for from the communication program:

  • A clear picture of where we are going and why
  • A clear and convincing picture that this change makes sense for the organization and its future, and that things will improve for the people as a result.
  • Signs that the change will be well managed
  • Answers about what it means for them. – what will they have to do differently
  • Signals that people matter in the change process
  • An understanding of what people can do to get involved in making things better

The following is a checklist to help guide the development of the communication program:

Change Communication Program Checklist
Change Purpose Is the purpose of this change clear?
Objectives What is this communication program to achieve?
Audiences Who will we need to communicate with and who are the different audiences?
Messages What will our messages be?
Media How will we communicate with our audiences?
Timing When will we need to communicate with each of these audiences?
Internal issues Is anything else happening inside the organization that will affect these audiences?
External issues Will our communication program have an external impact?
Responsibilities Who will be responsible for the various tasks in the communication program?
Evaluation How will we measure the effectiveness of the communication?